Besides of the classic Basic Life Support with ambulances, Croce Bianca Vialba give a support to the emergency doctor service at home, to the Advanced Life Support with ambulance organised by SUEM 118 based in  Fatebenefratelli hospital, to the sanitary service in the football stadium of  Meazza. Again, Croce Bianca Vialba organised first aid courses for the citizen and for the student in school, and perharps in the next future will create a civil protection group

In 1958 some Volunteers of Croce Bianca - Central Section of Milan - created the new Association "Croce Bianca Vialba" in  order to give first medical aid to the pleople living in the suburb of Milan. From then, thousand of Volunteers have lent a hand and now in Croce Bianca Vialba there are about a hundred of Volunteers, eight employees for daily turns, six ambulances, three service cars and ..... a lot of goodwill. 

The Volunteers turns are the following:   from 18.30 to 06.30 from Sundays to Thurdays. From 18.30 of Fridays to 13.00 of Saturdays. From 13.00 of Saturdays to 06.30 of Sundays. From 06.30  to 18.30 of Sundays

There are nine teams with about ten Volunteers for each that cover all the turns during the year. Inside each team the Volunteers, according to their experience, cover the different activities like as the telephone operator (the core for the coordination of first aid activities),  the driver of BLS ambulance, of ALS ambulance,  of emergency doctor at home, the responsible of BLS service and the cadet..

After a brief course the new Volunteers  can work on BLS ambulance as cadets. Then, after a  course of 120 hours, the Volunteers can obtain the SUEM 118 certificate for BLS ambulance.

But only with some years of experience and many turns in ambulance the Volunteers can become responsible of the BLS service in ambulance..

Finally, after some other years of experience, the Volunteers can require to become driver of ambulance, after a specific period of test in order to learn the particular style of drive. But the driver continues to remain a first aid operator that help his team.

Time by time, all Volunteers partecipate to follow up course in order to refresh the technicality and to learn the new procedures/materials..

The SUEM 118 of Lombardia Region, that manages the BLS and ALS ambulance service, requires that all Volunteers renew the "118 certificate" every two years getting through a particular exam.