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funds collect for telefono azzurro in 2002



surveillance service on advanced medical point




June 2002

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overflow of Olona river 

Second test of evacuation in Milan Underground 

Ottober 2002

demonstration of first aid and management of kitchen for camp on "Bianca Fest" ,  Croce Bianca Vialba Party in Milano

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Earthquake in Molise at 5 November 2002

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sending of aids to S.Croce of Magliano, small country destroyed by earthquake

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November 2002

update lessons on road rules and management of car traffic, held by commandant of local police of Pregnana Milanese

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Dicembre 2004

 organised an aid collection for people of Shri Lanka after the Tsunami, and shipping it by Rome's consulate

Aprile 2005

aid to people to Pope'funeral